1.1. The 2021 SSA National Age Group Artistic Swimming Championships will be held at Reddam House Constantia from 10-14 December 2021. The championships will be held in a hybrid format ie international clubs are invited to compete alongside our SA clubs, either in-person, or virtually. Training day for in-person events takes place on 10 December.

1.2. LOC Contact details are as follows:

1.2.1.    COMPETITION MANAGER:                       Sue Manners-Wood

              Email: sue@manners.co.za                       +27(0)823311159

1.2.2. CHIEF RECORDER/RESULTS CLERK:               Nicola Williams

Email: nicola@progen.co.za                       +27(0)825774368

1.2.3. COMPETITION STEWARD:                        Lucille Pequeno

Email: lapequeno2@gmail.com                  +27(0)834585506

1.2.4. FINANCE MANAGER:                                 Nicola Williams

1.2.5. MARKETING/SOCIAL MEDIA:                   Emma Manners-Wood

1.2.6     VENUE/COMPLIANCE OFFICER:               Dominique Krause

Email: dominiquek@mweb.co.za               +27(0)834476833

1.2.7. TECHNICAL CO-ORDINATOR:                    Emma Manners-Wood

Email: emmamannerswood@gmail.com   +27(0)721221976

1.2.8. JUDGES CO-ORDINATOR:                         Moira Norden

Email: nords@mweb.co.za                          +27(0)836026767


2.1. The competition is run according to FINA (refer FINA handbook) and SSA rules (refer below to item 4 – Entry Criteria)

2.2. All SA swimmers must be registered with SSA and registration numbers must be included on the entry form. International clubs must be from countries affiliated to FINA and have clearance to compete. International clubs will have option to enter virtually. The virtual component of the event is reserved for non-SA clubs. Virtual event results will be combined with the in-person results to determine overall rankings and awards. There will be separate awards for SA medalists.

2.3. All SA age group swimmers must have passed ASA Grade level 1 (figures and routines).

2.4. Provisional Entries and fees:

2.5. Each club must submit entries to the Competition steward (lapequeno2@gmail.com) per above and copy these to Daphne Bird of SSA (daphne@swimsa.co.za)

Please deposit the entry fees into the following bank account:

Banking Details to Follow

Please email proof of payment to Tournament Finance Manager (nicola@progen.co.za). Ref on deposit must be NAG & CLUB NAME. NB: Where depositing cash please include a R50 cash deposit fee.

2.6. Additional Costs

2.6.1. Tournament costume

Order Form: NAG 2021 Swim Suit Order Form – Google Forms

Ladies tournament costume R499 – Ladies Claire Style (Manners Costume) – Size 24(5-6) – 36

Unisex Shortie R350 – Size 24(5-6) – 36

PLEASE NOTE: Shipping fees applicable, if not collecting at In-Person Event. Fee calculated based on country and weight of order.

2.6.2. Awards Dinner

Dependent on Covid ….. will take place at TBC, on the 13 December 2021 Cost, menu and theme will be advised as soon as details are finalized. Final payment must be made by 6 December 2021


3.1 Each SA club must provide at least 1 judge PER SESSION and at least 1 table assistant per day.       Virtual judges to be used

3.2 Technical Officials must be correctly attired – White shirts and Navy Blue Trousers/shorts/skirts

3.3 Only Technical officials registered with SSA, or with clearance from their federation will be eligible to officiate on pool deck. 3.4. SSA Level 1 Judges may officiate for Novice and 12&U events ONLY, unless otherwise agreed by the TASC and tournament referee.


Please submit Championship AND Novice entries HERE.


NAG 2021 serves as trials for selection of the 2022 FINA Senior World Champs, Junior Worlds (aged 15 to 18) and 2022 Youth Worlds  (13-15) Championships.  All athletes wishing to be considered for inclusion in the 13-15 squad must compete in the figure competition in their 2021 age group as well as their 2022 age group (if different).  All athletes wishing to be considered for inclusion in the FINA Senior and Junior Worlds squad must compete in trials with details TBC shortly. All athletes must also be prepared to complete any further tests/criteria as deemed necessary by TASC. These will be circulated in advance.

NB: Each athlete (or athlete’s legal guardian) must complete a form stating eligibility for these teams, and acknowledging financial responsibility prior to NAG.


The competition runs in different age groups. Age is determined as at 31 December 2021 as follows:      

4.2.1     12 & U born 2009 & younger
4.2.2     13 – 15 born 2008, 2007, 2006
4.2.3     Junior born 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003

4.2.4.    Senior aged 15 (2006) or older

4.2.5.    Open all ages                               


Male and female athletes may enter all events.

  • 12 & under                                  Figures, free solo, free duet, trio, free team
  • 13 – 15                                         Figures, free solo, free duet, trio, free team
  • Junior                                           Figures, technical and free solo, technical and free duet
  • Senior (15 and older):                  Figures, Technical and Free solo, Technical and Free                                                                       duet, Technical team with junior tech elements Free team 
  • Open (all ages)                             Free Combination team, Highlight routine

 4.3.1.   The 12&U team (4 to 8 swimmers) comprises competitors from the 12&U age group 

4.3.2.    The 13-15 team (4 to 8 swimmers) comprises competitors from 13-15 age group

4.3.3.    The Senior Free team (4 to 8 swimmers) comprises swimmers aged 15 and older.

4.3.4.    The Open Technical team (4 to 8 swimmers) comprises swimmers aged 15 and older. Junior Technical elements to be used

4.3.5.    The Open Free combination (8 to 10 swimmers) comprises swimmers of any age

4.3.6.    The highlight routine (8-10 swimmers) comprises swimmers of any age

4.3.7a.    Duet partners may be from different age groups and different clubs. The younger partner in 12u and 13-15 age groups must swim figures in own as well as partner’s age group. The younger partner will only medal figures in her own age groups.

4.3.7b. A 12&U swimmer turning 13-15 in 2022 may compete in the 13-15 Team event. This swimmer must swim figures in 12&U as well as 13-15 age groups. The swimmer can only medal in figures and solo in their own age group.

4.3.8.    A swimmer may only enter in one routine per event. (I.e. may not swim 2 free solos/duets/trios/teams or 2 tech solos/duets/teams in different age groups).

4.3.9a.    SA Clubs must enter the team event if they have 5 or more swimmers competing in the applicable age groups. The FINA penalty for less than 8 is applicable.

4.3.9b.    SA Clubs may only enter a second team if they have 8 swimmers in the initial entry. This is to prevent clubs abusing the double points allocated for team events. The second team may have 4-8 swimmers.

4.3.10. SA Clubs may only enter a second combo if they have 10 swimmers in the initial entry. This is to prevent clubs abusing the double points allocated for combo events. 

4.3.11. A club may only enter a maximum of 4 solo swimmers per age group. Where the figure event precedes the solos, these swimmers can be finalized after the figure event for 12&U and 13-15 age groups. 

4.3.12. All starts will be by random draw and there will be no preliminaries swum for events with less than 14 entrants.


4.4.1. The Novice section is for South African based swimmers in their first 2 years of competition.

4.4.2. Events are Figures, Duet, Trio, and Free team. Clubs may also use novice swimmers in the Championship Combo and Highlight events.

4.4.3. Novices are swimmers in their first 2 years of competition who have not placed top 3 at any SSA Artistic swimming sanctioned event. SSA Level 1 and 2 medal winners are excluded from this rule.

4.4.4. No medals will be awarded for Novice events.

4.4.5. Novices compete for a separate club point’s trophy.

4.4.6. Novices age groups are 12&u and 13-18.

4.4.7. Competitors may enter both duet & trio events, but must swim different routines to different music. 

4.4.8. No figure score will count in computing the result for Trio events.


4.5.1. Order of appearance will be decided by random draw 48 hours in advance and start lists will be sent to team leaders. A separate order of appearance for in-person and virtual competitors will be drawn

4.5.2. Points and medals (championship events only) are allocated for figures in own age groups.

4.5.3. Figures are as per FINA age group figures for 12&u, 13-15, Junior and Senior. NB A draw to decide the groups will take place on 1 Dec to accommodate international teams needing to submit videos. The Junior and Senior figure competition will run as one competition.


Compulsory :    

  1. 101 Ballet leg
  2. 323 Front Pike Somersault

Optional figures (2 will be drawn):

  • 302 Blossom
  • 360 Front Walkover
  • 316 Kipnus
  • 301 Barracuda

4.6. Sound Equipment, Music

The Local Organizing Committee will provide sound equipment . Teams must send music via WeTransfer (wetransfer.com) to emmamannerswood@gmail.com AND provide a flash drive with all the music in .wav format at registration.

4.6.1. Music must be marked clearly with the age grp, event, competitor name and surname, and name of club separated by #. (e.g:13to15#solo#mary#brown#barracudas)

4.6.2. All music must have a three to five second lead at start.

4.6.3. A compulsory music practice session with sound equipment must be held prior to competition.

4.6.4. Music Time Limits (refer FINA rule 14) (10 secs deck work, +/- 15 secs deviation allowed on total time incl. deck work).

*Refer NAG entry criteria.

4.6.5. Music time will be allocated once entries are final. Please note music time takes preference and tapping may not disrupt music practice.


Please NOTE: Pool is 2m deep throughout and swimmers swim against lane lines


6.1 Points

6.1.1. Points are allocated in accordance with SSA guidelines (14,11,9,7,6,5,4,3,2,1).

6.1.2. All competitors at SA Age Groups receive 1 point if they do not qualify for points on the above scale.

6.1.3. Double points are allocated for Teams, Free Routine Combination and Highlight events.

6.1.4. Clubs may combine for Duet, Team, FRC and Highlight events but points will be split accordingly

6.1.5 Open competitors score club points.

6.1.6 Novices compete for a separate Novice Points trophy and do not accrue points for the Championship Points trophy.

6.2 Awards

6.2.1. Separate medals are awarded to South African competitors

6.2.2. Trophies are awarded to SA entries only as follows: NAG Points Trophy to winning club Karen Schoombee Trophy for the top 10&u competing at NAG (based on solo score) Caroline Vorster Trophy for 11-12 solo Champion Van Zyl family trophies for 13-15 and 15-18 Solo Champions. Willie Vorster Trophy for solo with highest score overall (not Open swimmers) Barbara Dowell Trophy for Free Combination Champion Novice Points Trophy to winning novice club


The final program will be circulated once entries are received . Below is provisional program

25 Nov:              Final entries due

25 Nov:              Unique code sent for routine videos

26-30 Nov:         Routine video recording window

30 Nov:              Submission of routine videos

1 Dec:                 Figure draw (this is to enable virtual competitors to film and submit videos)

5 Dec:                 Figure video submission

10 December:    Allocated music practice time

                            Managers Meeting

                            Officials Meeting

                            Judges Meeting

11-13 Dec:         Figures and Routines

13 December:    1900 Awards Dinner

14 December:    TBC – Trials (13-15  and Junior and Senior)  Late pm:             Official Team Departure

Virtual Event

Figures Videos: Videos submitted must be of good viewing quality. The entire figure must be visible from start to finish and be recorded from a judges’ _perspective. Allow a 3s lead in and 3s after completion of each figure. No editing allowed. Swimmer must be 1.5m from edge of pool and start in front of “centre judge”. Camera must be held steady in position of “centre judge”.

Name of swimmer, club, age group and figure must accompany each video. i.e. J.SOAP_BSSC_OPEN_PORPOISE TWIST SPIN

If the video is deemed to be of poor quality or does not conform to specified requirements, the athlete will be required to re-submit within a 24 hour period.

Figure videos must be sent by WeTransfer to emmamannerswood@gmail.com by midnight of 5 Dec 2021.

Routine Videos: A full video of each routine must be filmed, without interruption, using filming guidelines provided. The video must be non-edited (continuous) and include a full walk on and must also film all the athletes getting out of the water, just like in a live competition. Whenever possible, videos should be filmed inside, to avoid the glare that comes with outdoor pools and to conform with the in-person event.

Performance Window: Videos must be filmed within the allowed filming window (26-30 November). A numerical identification code will be sent to each club by midnight (CAT) on 25 November (closing date for entries). The code will need to be displayed prior to the team walk on and again once the athletes have exited the water.

Submitting Videos: All routine videos must be submitted before the final submission deadline (midnight 30  November CAT) via WeTransfer to emmamannerswood@gmail.com

Video Resolution: All videos must be filmed at a resolution of 1080p HD, at 30 frames per second (fps).

Position for Filming: The videographer should be at the side of the pool, exactly in the middle (at 12.5m for 25m pools), 1m from the water edge, with the starting platform to their right. The camera should be elevated to 1.8m (6 ft) from the ground, which is the average height from which judges watch routines. Whenever possible, tripods should be used. Zooming should be used extremely carefully.

Sound: It is recommended that sound be fed directly into the camera by a cable to ensure best sound.

Compulsory Considerations: Videos that do not meet the minimum requirements will not be accepted for entry to the competition. Federations will be notified and given the opportunity to re-submit:

• Video must be filmed in landscape mode (horizontal)

• All limbs of all athletes on the screen at all times

• No talking or noise must be heard other than music

• NO major glare which would prevent judges from accurately seeing the routine must be present