What is Artistic Swimming?

  • Imagine performing gymnastics in the water to music  
  • Imagine holding your breath for 30 seconds while running a 400m race  
  • Imagine completing a triathlon in record time   
  • Imagine jumping, spinning and performing figure skating moves in the water    
  • Imagine a powerful waterpolo goalie jumping above the water to block a shot     
  • Imagine lifting and/or throwing a 55kg swimmer above the water     
  • Imagine a dancer whose musical interpretation and choreography captivates and entire audience…                 

OK? Now, when 2 or more swimmers achieve all this and combine it with intricate, split second movements in unison, the result is synchronised swimming

How do artistic swimmers train?

A typical training programme includes swimming workouts, weights (in and out of the water), cross-training, stretching and dancing. Many hours are spent practising skills and sculls and perfecting routines. Add some acrobatics and theatrical training to complete the training package!